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Modelo: WL-U221

Adaptador por USB 2.0 para redes inalámbricas 802.11g

"Pen Type Adapter"

(compatible 802.11b)


WL-U221 USB2.0 Pen-Type Adapter fully complies with IEEE802.11b and IEEE802.11g standards.

Plugging WL-U221 into your notebook/desktop PCs, you can easily connect your notebook/desktop PCs to the existing wireless networks, no matter the popular IEEE802.11b or the high-speed IEEE802.11g networks. Step by step, our user-friendly Setup Wizard will guide you through configuring WL-U221 to the network settings.

WL-U221 transmits data up to 11Mbps within IEEE802.11b wireless networks, and the data rate is up to 54Mbps within IEEE802.11g wireless networks. All the data transmission is under 64/128bit WEP (Wired Equivalent Privacy) Encryption to secure your network connection.

Above features of WL-U221 provide you with the best solution of the mobility and security for the wireless Internet connection.


  • Compatible with 802.11b/11g devices

  • Smallest and Fastest WLAN Adapter in the World

  • High-speed IEEE802.11g with backward compatible with the popular IEEE802.11b networking

  • Data rates up to 54Mbps -- 5 times faster than IEEE802.11b networking

  • Wireless security -- up to 128-bit WEP encryption


  • Difficult-to wire environment

  • Frequency moving working location

  • Wired LAN extension and back up

General Specifications

Radio Specifications

Physical Specifications

Environment Specifications

Software Specifications

Note: Specifications are subject to change without prior notice



Tellus Group Corporation

Taiwan, R.O.C.

ISO9001: 2000 certified


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