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Modelos LD-202 / LD-202L*


Marca LABAU 

LABAU Technology Corp.

(Display luz fluorescente azul-verde)


* El modelo LD-202L ha sido dado de baja en nuestro catálogo


  • Vacuum Fluorescent Display with display 20 columns and 2 lines

  • Blue-green display color is gentle to the eyes

  • The display panel is movable to provide the best viewing angle

  • Provide 2 poles for the best system installation

  • The interface is RS232 , with baud rates from 4800 up to 384,000 bps

  • Pass through function to reduce cable connection

  • The self-test function check the circuit board and performs each function for diagnostic purposes

  • The user-defined and international character sets are standard package

              LD-202L                  LD-202


Performance Characteristics


LD-202 LD-202L
Dot Size  ( X*Y ) 0.86 *1.2 mm 1.2*1.35 mm
Font Size  5.5(W) * 9.2(H) 7.2(W) * 11.25(H)
Dimension (Panel) (W *D *H) 225*50*92 mm 280*65*95 mm
Weight About 0.8 kg About 1.0 kg
Customer Diplay

Vacuum Fluorescent Display - Blue Green

Display Pattern 5 * 7 dot matrix
Brightness 350 ~ 700 cd/m2
Character 95 Alphanumeric & 32 International Characters
Character Number 20 * 2 for 5 * 7 font

ICD-2002, EPSON POS D101, Aedex, UTC/S, UTC/P, ADM788, DSP800, CD5220


USA, France, Germany, U.K, Sweden, Denmark £L & £S, Italy, Spain, Norway, Japan (karakana),Slavonic, Russian

Pass-through Pass-through function is standard
Dimension (Support) (382/298/160/74) mm (H) * 33 mm (dia)
Dimension (base) 190 mm(W) * 96 mm(D) * 27 mm(H)
Viewing Angle  Max. 45°
Horizontal Rotation Max. 340°
Interface RS-232


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